Daniels Frameshop

It's not surprising that the Mona Lisa, arguably the most famous of paintings ever painted, has been framed several times.


And the present frame was chosen in the early 1900's to represent the style of framing prevalent in the 1500's, the century Leonardo Da Vinci painted it. This says something about the incredible depth of the art of framing.


"Choosing a frame is not just about choosing a colour to complement the object being framed," says Daniel, "nor about choosing the material the frame is made of, or deciding on the particular type or size of the frame; but it's a culmination of these things to achieve a specific purpose or effect in order to satisfy the owners own particular taste."


Tip: With literally thousands of frames to choose from, come in and chat with Daniel and Maureen or Karen so that they can guide you in making the right decision about which frame to use.