Daniels Frameshop

There is something about a black and white photo that just appeals to the senses of people the world over. The colours, for whatever reason, just compliment each other.


Other colours alone might be beautiful, but put them together with another colour and the result is garish. It's therefore imperative when choosing the mat(or background or backing board) to lay your art piece down on, that you choose the colour carefully.


"When a client comes in, we like to make their lives a little bit easier; so if they are willing, we always take the time to help them choose the different elements that will constitute their framing, including choosing the mat," says Daniel, adding that it is a daunting task choosing a mat because of all the colours, styles, textures and sizes available.


Tip: Where possible, have the art piece on hand when choosing the mat and frame or other framing element. It will show in the results.