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About Us


The most expensive item framed by Daniel is small enough to balance on a fingertip yet valuable enough to make any man rich.
The item, a stamp worth a million dollars, is now proudly displayed in a beautiful frame, protecting it from dust and harmful UV rays.
"The stamp's owner has been a client for many years. We've always given him good service; he felt he could trust us completely to handle his treasure," said Daniel Lim, owner of Daniel's Frameshop.
Serving the Singaporean community since 1984, Daniel credits the success of his business to his philosophy of trying his best to please his customers first time round.
To this end, all projects benefit from his input, while only he handles the very valuable items.

Celebrating 36 years of success!

Early on in life Daniel realized he had a creative gift. To release that creativity he picked up a brush. "I soon found out that I loved painting abstract paintings," he says.
It's no surprise then that almost 4 decades later he's still involved in the arts. "Having a framing business has allowed me to keep exercising my passion," Daniel says, "and because of my artistic background I intuitively know what the customer wants and how to accentuate the beauty of the art piece or valuable."
Business soon picked up and early on in the 90's Maureen, Daniel's wife, joined him.
"I love meeting clients and I've become good friends with many," Maureen says, who handles the accounts and marketing aspect of the business.
"Working with Maureen has been great, her contribution has allowed me to focus on our clients creative needs," he says.